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Wolf Hammer: The Most Dangerous Game In Golf


The Most Dangerous Game In Golf Explained⚠️


*Warning ⚠️*

You play Wolf hammer at your own risk ⚠️ 

It’s highly addictive and should never be played for more than you are willing to lose

A hammer must not be taken personally and the name of the game is to have fun



Wolf Hammer is the combination of two games, Wolf and Hammer.

Not only that but you have different versions of Wolf Hammer:

  • – Wolf Hammer (Lite) 
  • – Wolf Hammer (Reg)
  • – Wolf Hammer (Gauntlet)

Lets talk about Wolf first:

Wolf is a game where each hole is its own bet and the team changes on every hole. The player who tees of first gets to determine the team for the hole and you can play 3,4,5 or 6 man wolf depending if the course will let you. You determine the order of play on the 1st Tee by either throwing balls or playing rock paper scissors. Totally up to you. Once the order is set, it remains in the same order and the just rotates giving each player a minimum of 4 times to go first and pick his team. The last two holes are always saved for the most down to go first, followed by 2nd most down and so on.


Picking Partners:

  1. Calling wolf means you go alone vs all the other players in the group.
  2. Calling Wolf before you hit = bet triples
  3. Calling Wolf after you hit = bet doubles
  4. You can’t call wolf after the 2nd player hits their shot
  5. You must pick player 2 before player 3 hits, once 3 has hit you can’t pick 2 any longer
  • This rule above, applies to each player until the last player is left then you automatically are paired with that player

However there is a twist, that final player has the ability to call squirrel, drop the original wolf and “go alone”. If they call squirrel before they hit it doubles the bet, if they call squirrel after they hit, they just go alone.


Price of the bet:

What are we playing for? And why so little…?

In Wolf each holes is its own bet and the bet is always to be determined on the first tee, before the first shot is struck. You also need to determine how many lines you are able to draw (increase the bet) the industry standard is 2 lines, for example:

We will play $20 Wolf with 2 lines, this means the staring bet can increase twice and that’s it…This prevents the loser from being able to double the bet every hole hoping to win his money back.



Hammering your opponents means double the bet. Simple.

Any team at any time can drop the hammer (aka double the bet) 

  • Once a team has hammered the other team, the receiving team then has the hammer and can hammer back
  • This then becomes a double hammer and the new receiving team can then hammer again
  • This becomes a triple hammer and can continue until the hole is completed.
  • A triple hammer is rare and a quadruple hammer is basically a unicorn it’s so rare. 

*In Hammer Lite – A team may decline a hammer but it’s instant loss of hole / however you can still make trash even after a decline (You need to decline before the next shot is hit or else it is an automatic accept)


Wolf Hammer Example: (And How It Can Get Out of Hand)

Let’s say you’re on the back nine and down a bit but hitting it well. You decide to go blind lone wolf on a par 4 that fits your eye.

The other three guys hit the fairway and green, two hit it within the flagstick and make birdie, and the other hits it in the bunker and gets up and down for par by making a putt from outside the flagstick.

Meanwhile you miss the fairway, the other team hammers and you take. You end up hitting the green and making a solid two-putt par. Not bad!

However, you just lost the hole, hammer, take, Hogan, wasabi, Dottie Pepper, birdie, birdie, sandy, poley, KY, O.J. That’s 14 dots (units) and lets say their worth $3 a piece. Multiply that by four because you went blind alone.

Despite making par, you now have to pay out $168 EACH to your three opponents!



The best way to learn the game is to be the scorekeeper, as it makes you think through the hole and the strategy.

To score it, keep a running tab of the dollar amount a person is up or down for the day. The total should always net to zero, so if players A and B win two dots on the first hole, they sit at “2” and players C and D sit at “-2.”

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