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Countries With Only One Golf Course

These countries with only one golf course are definitely options for your golfing bucket list! 

Playing one of these courses will mean that you can tick that entire country off your list on the GolfPlayed app. This also means bragging rights because you have technically played all the golf courses in a country!

Check out this list of countries with just one golf course:

Algeria – Algiers Golf Club

Afghanistan – Kabul Golf Club

Source: Golf Digest

Definitely a golf course for thrill-seeking tourists. (Known as the most dangerous golf course in the world)

Uzbekistan – Tashkent lakeside golf club

Malta – Royal malta golf club

Source: Royal Malta Golf Club

This golf course offers a quiet and green oasis in the heart of the island.

Sierra Leone – Freetown golf club

Let’s Tick These Courses Off Your Bucket List

Download the free app today and add these to your bucket list:


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