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The Lowest and Hottest golf course in the world is located in the heart of Death Valley National Park in America and is definitely one for the golfing bucket list!

Furnace Creek Golf Course

The Furnace Creek Golf Course at Death Valley offers great California desert resort golf as well as an unique golfing experience. This 18-hole, par-70 course has been rated one of “America’s 50 Toughest Courses” by Golf Digest.

This course is in the middle of a desert but is a green oasis where a lot of stuff isn’t meant to grow. There are plenty of shade trees to protect greens, there are water features in play on 10 holes and the majestic mountains are visible from all areas of the course.

Furnace Creek offers golfers the chance to test their mettle against the low elevation, low barometric pressure, extreme heat and perhaps even a coyote or two!

Source: Links Magazine

What Is The Altitude Of The Golf Course?

The golf course is located at 214 feet below sea level which makes it the world’s lowest elevation golf course. This comes with many challenges such as the ball not traveling nearly as far as golfers are used to due to the low barometric pressure and low elevation.

How Hot Does It Get?

Playing 18 holes on a course located at the hottest place on Earth must be an interesting experience! Shooting triple digits is one thing but playing in 100-plus degree temperature is an entirely different ball game.

In July 1913 the United States Weather Bureau recorded a high temperature of 134 degrees at Furnace Creek, a temperature reading that still stands as the highest ambient air temperature ever recorded at the surface of the Earth

Source: Links Magazine

The Experience At This Golfing Oasis

Furnace Creek is located In a literal oasis within the largest national park in the lower 48 states. 

This golfing adventure is truly unique and the nearest town is more than 60 miles away which adds to the experience. The journey to the course is part of the thrill as Death Valley national Park spans over 3.4 million acres!

This is definitely one for the golfing bucket list if you are interested in unique golfing adventures!

Let’s Tick This Course Off Your Bucket List

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