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Golf Under The Northern Lights – Bucket List Golf

The northern lights are the definition of a bucket list adventure so as a golfer chasing this phenomenon well playing golf seems like a no brainer for your golfing bucket list!

The Northern Lights

The northern lights, (Also known as the aurora borealis) are a natural light display that occurs regularly in the sky when charged particles interact and emit light. This phenomenon can only be seen from the most northern regions of the world. Unfortunately for most people this does mean that you won’t be able to tee it up under the northern lights at your local course.

Source: 19th Hole Magazine

Lofoten Links course

Lofoten Links is one of the most northern golf courses in the world. Situated in the North-West part of Norway, Lofoten Links is one of the one of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet.

It is a place where the Earth meets the Sea and as a result you can enjoy breathtaking views from each point of the course. The course is designed by golf architect Jeremy Turner and it opened in 2015 to win the award for World’s Best New Course for the same year.

The course is located 100 miles outside the Arctic Circle with an amazing view to the north and facing the midnight sun. This means that Lofoten Links is one of the best places in the world to witness the majestic Northern Lights!

Source: 19th Hole Magazine

Let’s Tick This Course Off Your Bucket List

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