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The Top Secret Golf Course – Bucket List Golf

This top secret golf course located in North Korea is definitely one for your golfing bucket list!

Pyongyang Golf Course

When you think of North Korea, golf is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but in Pyongyang you can actually find the only golf course in the country.

The greens and fairways are extremely well kept even though the course isn’t extremely busy during most of the year. In order to play the course you will need to arrange a round in advance and you will also need a tour guide. If you do manage to play this golf course you and your caddie team (caddie and scorer) will pretty much have the course to yourselves.

The Famous Round

North Korea’s former leader, Kim Jong-II apparently played his only round of golf at Pyongyang golf course in 1994 and only shot 34 shots over the 18 holes! (Including 18 hole-in-ones) His 17 bodyguards were there to witness this amazing round of golf!

Let’s Tick This Course Off Your Bucket List

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