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Wolf Creek Golf Club – Bucket List Golf

Wolf Creek Golf Club is a next level bucket list golf course located about an hours drive from Las Vegas in Mesquite! The course is a pay and play facility that will blow you away on every single hole!

Wolf Creek Golf Club

  • Course designed by Dennis Rider
  • Course built in 2000
  • State ranking – Ranked 10th in Nevada
  • One of the few courses selected by EA Sports in 2008 to be on the Tiger Woods video game.

Bucket List Golf Course

Wolf Creek Golf Club is a serious contender for your golfing bucket list. It is one of the most spectacular courses you’ll find anywhere on this planet and will definitely make your golfing buddies jealous! 

It all feels a bit surreal with holes clinging to steep canyon hillsides and plunging down narrow ravines. The course has an awesome layout and it definitely feels a bit like each hole has been carved into the huge desert canyons.

A Nostalgic Experience

Wolf Creek Golf Club feels like you are playing on a completely different planet! You will most likely recognize the course though because it has made an appearance in multiple computer and phone games through the years such as the:

  • EA sports Tiger Woods game
  • WGT Golf phone app

The experience really is difficult to beat with lush emerald green fairways popping out from between the red rock canyons and everything feeling a bit like a real life video game! We definitely recommend adding this one to your bucket list on our GolfPlayed app.

Let’s Tick Wolf Creek Off Your Bucket List

Download the free app today and add Wolf Creek Golf Club to your bucket list:


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