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How Many Golf Courses Are There In South Africa?

GolfPlayed, the innovative golf app that connects golfers worldwide, is here to unveil the remarkable statistics regarding the number of golf courses in South Africa. As a company passionate about enhancing the golfing experience, we are thrilled to share that our extensive database reveals South Africa’s rich golfing landscape consists of over 450 golf courses.

To be more accurate South Africa boast an impressive 489 golf courses. We invite you to learn more about the amazing golf landscape in South Africa and to see how GolfPlayed can make your golfing bucket list a reality!

South Africa – A Golfer’s Haven

South Africa is home to 489 golf courses. SA is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and favorable climate, South Africa has become a haven for golfers seeking extraordinary experiences. From captivating coastal courses boasting panoramic ocean views to picturesque layouts nestled amidst majestic mountains, South Africa’s golf courses cater to every golfer’s preferences and skill level.

Unveiling the Statistics

Based on our extensive golfing network and database, GolfPlayed proudly announces that South Africa boasts an astounding 489 golf courses. Each course offers its own unique charm, featuring championship layouts, pristine fairways, challenging hazards, and impeccable greens. Whether you’re a local golfer or an international visitor, South Africa’s golf courses promise unforgettable experiences.

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South African Breakdown

South Africa is home to 489 golf courses and 29 of these are not affiliated. Let’s have a look at the golf course breakdown by province:

Western Cape

There are 80 golf courses in the Western Cape.


There are 88 golf courses in Kwazulu-Natal.


There are 62 golf courses in Gauteng.

Eastern Cape

There are 49 golf courses in the Eastern Cape.

Free State

There are 37 golf courses in the the Free State.


There are 15 golf courses in Limpopo.


There are 37 golf courses in Mpumalanga.

North West

There are 30 golf courses in the North West.

Northern Cape

There are 62 golf courses in the Northern Cape.

Exclusive Access and Rates

To elevate your golfing adventures in South Africa, GolfPlayed introduces the Gold Membership, providing exclusive access to over 63 golf courses across the country. With this membership, you gain privileged entry and enjoy exclusive rates at some of the most sought-after golf courses in South Africa.

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Start Your Journey With GolfPlayed

With 489 golf courses and an abundance of natural beauty, South Africa emerges as a golfing paradise for enthusiasts worldwide. By joining GolfPlayed, you unlock the potential to explore and conquer these remarkable courses. Additionally, our exclusive Gold Membership offers privileged access and enticing rates to our members. Embark on an extraordinary golfing journey with GolfPlayed and elevate your game to new heights.

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