How many golf courses are there in the world?

A common question we are asked at GolfPlayed is how many golf courses are there in the world. The precise answer would be 38,864 golf courses in the world which are spread among 206 of the 251 countries and dependent territories in the world.

Most golfers have an urge to play as many golf courses as they can in as many countries and territories as possible. Some golfers even focus on playing the top 100 in a country or the world.

This is something that makes golf such a special sport because the golf course makes such a big difference to the golfing experience from altitude and weather conditions to the course type and grass used.

Worldwide golf course breakdown

Number of golf courses in the world – 38,864

Breakdown by country:

USA – 16,752

Japan – 3,169

Canada – 2,633

England – 2,270

Australia – 1,616

Germany – 1,050

France – 804

South Korea – 798

Sweden – 662

Scotland – 614

China – 599

Spain – 497

Ireland – 494

South Africa – 489

New Zealand – 418

Argentina – 349

Denmark – 346

Netherlands – 330

Italy – 321

Thailand – 315

 Interesting world golf course statistics

  • 78% of the world’s golf courses are located in only 10 countries
  • North America has 51% of the world’s golf courses, with the USA consisting of 43%.
  • The United Kingdom has the greatest density of golf courses.

England has a golf course every 22.8 square mile

Wales has a golf course every square 43.5 miles

Northern Ireland has a golf course every 48.3 square miles

Scotland has a golf course every 50.6 square miles

  • There are over 544,866 golf holes globally (USA – 240,369 of these holes)
  • 30,364 public golf courses globally
  • 7,717 private golf courses globally

GolfPlayed world leaderboards

GolfPlayed is an app that is all about tracking how many courses you have played around the world! The app also allows you to add courses to your bucket list and get access to courses all over the world while staying connected to all your golfing buddies.

Here are some stats from our users:

Golf courses played by countries:

  • 694,110 golf courses played by all our users from around the world
  • 309,149 golf courses played in the United States by GolfPlayed users (Pebble Beach taking the pole position with 650)
  • 256,691 golf courses played in South Africa by GolfPlayed users (Royal Jnb & Kensington taking the pole position with 1979)
  • 48,857 golf courses played in the United Kingdom by GolfPlayed users (St. Andrew’s Links – Old Course taking pole position with 735) 

Golf courses played by an individual:

  • Daryl Kent holds the green jacket and has played the most courses in the world with a massive tally of 2210 golf courses
  • C. Lewis is a close second also into 2000s with 2013 golf courses around the world
  • David Schlaff has played 1552 golf courses around the world

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