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Meet Nullarbor Links the 1,365 Kilometer Golf Course 

Nullarbor Links is the world’s longest golf course located along the southern coast of Australia. It’s an 18-hole par 72 course which spans 1,365 kilometers and crosses over two time zones. 

As the “par 72” designation indicates, the world’s longest golf course isn’t comprised of the world’s longest holes. Nullarbor Links contains normal-sized par 3s, 4s and 5s like any other course. It is just that most of the holes have at least 41 miles of driving in between them.

Players use a score card purchased in Kalgoorlie or Ceduna and play holes at various sites along the continental road. Each hole includes a green and tee box with a somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway. 

Photo sourced: nullarborlinks.com

Click on the link below to see the course layout and more info on each specific hole.


The Course

This course was created to give travelers something to do on this remote stretch of road. Some of the holes are in towns with respected local courses, but others are in the middle of nowhere, with fairways that look like the surface of Mars, and greens made from battered AstroTurf. 

Nullarbor Links is not for the faint hearted because this course does take 5 days to complete. Driving from hole to hole is part of the experience but so is playing across an active airplane runway, seeing the Great Australian Bight, playing beside a shooting range, golfing amongst the debris of a NASA space station and much more.

This epic course takes players across the Australian outback and along scenic stretches of coastline, stopping at roadhouses and motels along the way where golfers can load up their cars with essential supplies before teeing off on the most off the beaten track golf course in the world.

Trip Advisor

Where’s the 1st tee and what’s the course record?

For those wondering where’s the 1st tee and what’s the course record. The course record is two under par, set by Australian PGA golfer Hayley Bettencourt. As footage from Erik Anders Lang’s YouTube series “Adventures in Golf” shows, that is an unreal achievement! The course is not easy considering all the various obstacles, awkward lies and the course condition varying from hole to hole.

Check out the episode on Nullarbor Links from the YouTube Series “Adventures in Golf” below:

Your next golf trip

If you and your golfing buddies are looking for a golf trip that’s off the beaten track both literally and figuratively then this little Kangaroo track is calling your name. Playing Nullarbor Links is essentially a five-day camping trip with brief interruptions to play golf, instead of the other way around.

The only downside is that you will have a ton of time to beat yourself up over a triple or double bogey during your drive to the next hole! The upside is that no matter what you shoot when presenting your completed scorecard you can claim a Nullarbor Links Certificate for playing “the World’s Longest Golf course”!

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