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Your Gateway to Exclusive Golf Courses Worldwide

For avid golfers, the allure of playing prestigious and exclusive golf courses is an irresistible dream. However, gaining access to these renowned courses often seems unattainable.

That’s where GolfPlayed comes in, a revolutionary app that allows golfers to keep track of where they have played and make requests at courses they want to play. With its extensive database and unique networking capabilities, GolfPlayed opens the doors to a world of extraordinary golfing experiences.

Humble Beginnings and the Birth of GolfPlayed

GolfPlayed’s journey began in the heart of Swaziland, where a fateful encounter between two friends ignited the spark of an exceptional idea. Andrew, the founder, found himself captivated by Ean’s collection of golf course markers displayed in a fish bowl during a night of Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys. Their conversation took an unexpected turn when Ean posed a simple question to Andrew: “How many courses have you ever played?”

To Andrew’s surprise, he had no idea. In contrast, Ean confidently replied with a staggering number of 187 courses, supported by a meticulously maintained spreadsheet containing details of each round. Inspired by this revelation, Andrew embarked on a quest to determine the number of courses he had played, leading him to the realization that there had to be a better way to track these experiences. Thus, GolfPlayed was born.

Unleashing the Power of GolfPlayed

At its core, GolfPlayed is a cutting-edge app designed to enable golfers to track and organize the courses they have played while setting goals for future golfing adventures. With over 60,586 registered users and 38,864 courses, the app boasts an impressive database of golf enthusiasts from around the globe. This vast network of golfers forms the foundation of GolfPlayed’s unique value proposition.

Unlocking Exclusive Golf Courses

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know” we have all heard this cliché statement and now it’s become a reality. With over 3,570 members belonging to unique clubs on the app, GolfPlayed opens up a world of possibilities for golfers seeking to play the most prestigious courses. We understand access to every course isn’t possible, especially the crème de la crème select few but for 99% of the rest we have you covered.

With the use of the apps round request feature plus a personal concierge service GolfPlayed provides a seamless experience by facilitating these introductions to members at these courses. This unparalleled access to exclusive clubs empowers golfers to expand their horizons and play courses that were previously only a distant dream.

The Power of Networking

Another one of GolfPlayed’s standout features is its ability to record the memories of courses you have played at and who you played with. The ability to spend quality time on the golf course and form relationships is the power of the sport that we all share a passion for. With over 807,258 courses played on the GolfPlayed app we have an amazing community of like minded golfers that you can join at no cost today.

Play Any Course In The World

It all starts with a request.

GolfPlayed’s mission is simple: to enable golfers to play any golf course in the world through introductions to members. By becoming a Gold Member, users gain access to personal introductions to GolfPlayed’s extensive network of golfers at courses worldwide. The app offers a straightforward and convenient solution to connect golf enthusiasts with the world’s most coveted fairways.

Thanks to the support and feedback of our 60,000 users our new GolfPlayed App launches early in 2024 with the new round request feature. During this time we are offering an exclusive once off opportunity to become a Lifetime Gold Member (or Black Member). The Lifetime Gold Membership is only available to 100 users so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Start Your Journey With GolfPlayed

GolfPlayed is revolutionizing the way golfers approach their game, making exclusive golf courses more accessible and achievable. With its remarkable database of golfers, comprehensive networking capabilities, and Global Concierge Service, the app empowers golf enthusiasts to embark on extraordinary golfing adventures around the world. Whether it’s playing the top 100 courses or discovering hidden gems, GolfPlayed opens the doors to unforgettable golf experiences.

Download the GolfPlayed app today and unlock a world of golfing opportunities like never before.

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