2024 Masters Fantasy Pool Completed

What's Up For Grabs?

Our GolfPlayed Masters Golf Champs Pool is available to all of our members and is our first pool of the year!

There are some epic cash prizes up for grabs:

  • 1st Place - R5,000 / $250 / £200
  • 2nd Place - R2,500 / $150 / £100
  • 3rd Place - R1,500 / $100 / £75
  • 4th Place - R750 / $50 / £25
  • 5th Place - R250 / $10 / £10

The participant who finds themselves in the last position will have the honour of recording a 15-second karaoke selfie video. The song for this delightful moment will be chosen by the pool winner, and the resulting video will be shared on our socials and could be your moment of fame!

For FAQ's and details such as ties, rules, withdrawals etc - click here

This pool is going to be extremely fun, competitive and a great way to network or banter with fellow members.

*Prizes paid out on the monday after the event and in the currency of your location in the world.

How Does Golf Champs Work?

Easy to get going:

Step 1: Create a profile on Golf Champs

Step 2: Join our GolfPlayed Pool (code will be sent to all members that registered)

Step 3: Pick your 4 players with a combined maximum world ranking of 100

Step 4: Sit back and watch

How Do I Join?

All our members get complimentary access to our Masters pool!

If you’re not a member yet, no sweat you can join today, for just $10

Simply register for the pool and you will receive the pool code and instructions during the week of The Masters.

Our memberships entail various benefits and one of the most fun of them being our fantasy pools!

Basic Membership gets you access to our Masters Pool ($20 value) and all our other Memberships get you access to all of our pools.

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Basic Membership

Access to this fantasy pool plus other premium features, community benefits and networking opportunities.

Invite Your Golfing Buddies

Takes Your Buddies On!

Lay down the challenge and put your golfing knowledge to the test! We encourage some internal bets just to spice it up even more.

Plus our pool comes with some amazing cash prizes for those golfing fortune tellers:

  • 1st Place - $250
  • 2nd Place - $150
  • 3rd Place - $100
  • 4th Place - $50
  • 5th Place - $10

The best part is if your buddy comes last place you can watch them perform 15 seconds of unforgettable karaoke with the song chosen by the overall winner.


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