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How Does Golf Champs Work?

Golf Champs is an online fantasy sports platform that allows you to build a team of golfers and compete with other users!

Whether you’re a seasoned golf enthusiast or a casual fan it doesn’t matter! Golf Champs offers an exciting way to engage with the sport and enjoy some competitve camaraderie with family and friends.

This will challenge you to assemble your dream team and compete with your friends. Let’s look at the ins and outs of Golf Champs, from creating your profile to mastering the rules of the game.

Instructional Video:

Getting Started:

To embark on your Golf Champs journey, head over to Here, you can either create a new profile or log in if you’re a returning player.

It’s now time to jump into the best part… Building your team!

Team Selection:

GolfChamps runs its fantasy pools for all the majors every year and select few other events. 

Each event starting on Monday, Golf Champs gets all the latest world rankings of all the players in the world and this then allows you to pick four players of your choice for the event. However, there’s a twist – the combined world ranking of your four chosen players must meet a minimum requirement of 100. 

This brings some strategy into it, forcing you to carefully consider the strengths and rankings of each player to optimize your team’s performance.

Joining Pools:

Golf Champs opens up a world of possibilities with its pool system. All players are automatically entered into the default main Golf Champs pool. This is a public pool and will have thousands of participants, and awesome prizes up for grabs.

Then what really makes Golf Champs fun, is the ability to create your own pools, which you can set at public or private and offer any type of prizes, incentives or just good gees. This is where GolfPlayed comes into the picture as we have private member only pools which we run for each major of the year, and have some great cash prizes up for grabs. Learn more – Click Here

Players can join as many pools as they would like on Golf Champs, so if you haven’t already, go create your profile, and get ready for the next event that Golf Champs hosts, and if you would like to receive the private GolfPlayed Pool codes, then join us by clicking below.

Ready To Rumble:

Your players are locked in once the tournament is underway.

It’s then time to sit back and relax while the tournament unfolds to see who will emerge victorious.

Leaderboard Showdown:

As the event progresses, Golf Champs provides you with a real-time leaderboard so that you can follow along.

What is fantastic, is instead of the leaderboard being the individual tour players, the leaderboard shows your name and your score is the collective performance of the players you selected.

You are now in a head to head battle with fellow GolfPlayed Members making it a thrilling and engaging experience to watch.

Getting Started Today:

If you would like to participate in any of the GolfPlayed pools and stand a channge to win some of the fantastic prizes, simply click the button below:

Golf Champs brings fantasy golf to a whole new level, offering an interactive and competitive experience for golf fans around the world. So, create your profile, assemble your dream team, and dive into the exciting world of Golf Champs.

May the best team triumph – good luck! 🍀

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