How Many Golfers Are There In The World?

Golf is a sport that has seen some unexpected growth in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has played a big role in that increase. Major regions have had more golfers playing than ever before. So, how many golfers are there in the world?

The answer is that there are 66.6 million golfers around the world which is an increase of 5.5 million since 2016.

How many golfers are there in the world?
How many golfers are there in the world?

How Many Golfers Are There Around The World?

Golfers in the world: 66.6 million

  • 24.8 million golfers in the US 
  • 10.6 million golfers in Europe
  • 23.3 million golfers in Asia
  • 5.7 million golfers in Canada
  • 1.3 million golfers in Australia 
  • 540,000 golfers in Ireland
  • 484,000 golfers in New Zealand
  • 150,000 golfers in Denmark
  • 90,000 golfers in Switzerland
  • 50,000 golfers in Finland[adrotate group=”23″]

Breakdown by gender:

There are 15 million lady golfers worldwide but this is growing yearly as more organizations like the LPGA actively encourage more women to take up the game. (51.6 million male golfers worldwide)

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