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Seeing a shark fin sticking out the water hazard has become a common sight at Carbrook Golf Club. This golf course is located in Queensland, Australia and has a shark infested water hazard on the golf course! 

The water hazard is home to 12 bull sharks which has become an asset to the golf course as it brings in golfers from around Australia and the world.

What Are Bull Sharks?

Bull sharks are extremely territorial and are known to be one of the most dangerous sharks in the world. They are around 2.4m to 3m long and bull sharks can reach nearly 700lbs.

How Are Sharks Living On The Golf Course?

One of the most amazing facts about bull sharks is that they can live in both freshwater and brackish water. Bull sharks are capable of surviving in freshwater and therefore the sharks have been able to call the golfing water hazard home. The sharks are actually thriving and reproducing which is great for the golf course.

How Did The Sharks Get Into The Water Hazard?

The sharks are believed to have arrived at the course during an extreme flood in 1996 when the river broke its banks. When the water started to dry up, six sharks found themselves trapped inside the course’s 52-acre lake. Since then, the sharks have reproduced and now there are 12 sharks living in the lake.

Are The Sharks A Problem For The Golf Course?

Bull sharks are known to be dangerous but the sharks on Carbrook Golf Course pose no serious threat to golfers. It is obviously not advised to go swimming in the lake and it’s extremely unlikely that a golfer will come into direct contact with the shark. The course has actually embraced the sharks as it has become a huge part of the course’s identity and they even have a monthly tournament called the “Shark Lake Challenge”.

Source: www.hagginoaks.com
Sharks in a golf water hazard

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