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Uummannaq is a small island in greenland which is the home of Uummannaq golf course, one of the most extreme golf courses in the world. It’s a normal golf course except there’s no grass, just ice and snow and you putt the ball on “whites” rather than greens!

This golf course is set 600 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and the temperature can plummet to below -50 Celsius. The club therefore provides training in how to spot frostbite early and how to deal with snow blindness!

Uummannaq golf course also has some unique features that the golfers have to deal with such as freezing glaciers and huge icebergs. This gives an entire new meaning to hitting the ball from the rough when playing snow golf.

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At Uummannaq, there’s no grass. Just ice and snow.

The World Ice Golf ChampionshipSnow Golf Tournament

The World Ice Golf Championship all started in Uummannaq and the championship has been held there since 1997 in years with perfect ice conditions during the month of March.

The course is framed by unique features such as the glaciers and icebergs from earlier. Just to add to this they actually continue to move slowly all year round. These features drastically change in March when the “green’s” are cut literally days before the event.[adrotate group=”23″]

Golfers playing in the World Ice Golf Championship aren’t just playing golf on a frozen seascape. They also need to cope with extreme temperatures while playing snow golf. The wind-chill factor also adds to the players challenges both physically and mentally.

Remember that special golf kit is an absolute essential in Uummannaq when playing snow golf. Keeping warm is the main aim of the game well you hit a fluorescent ball around a frozen golf course well trying to keep your ball in play and away from polar bears!

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