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Merapi Golf Course – Most Extreme Golf Courses In The World

Merapi Golf Course is one of the most extreme golf courses in the world. This course is extremely picturesque but looks can be deceiving! The mountain in the background is Mount Merapi which is an active volcano!

This 18 hole par 72 golf course was built in 1994 and was developed as a public facility by businessman Yuwono Kolopaking when he retired. The course is his way of giving something back to the local people. 

The combination of the natural charm and hilly scenery with volcanic rocks makes the course one of the most eye-catching in Indonesia. The crazy part of this golfing experience is the active volcano bordering the golf course! You are almost guaranteed to see smoke billowing from the top of Mount Merapi and if you’re really unlucky, it may even erupt.

Merapi Golf Course

  • Country ranking – Ranked 23rd in Indonesia
  • Island ranking – Ranked 16th in Java
  • Designed by Peter Thomson, Michael Wolveridge, Ross Perrett
  • Located next to one of the most active volcanoes on the planet
Source: www.merapigolf.co.id

Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano

Gunung Merapi which directly translates to “Fire mountain” is Indonesia’s most active volcano located on the island of Java. This volcano has been designated as a decade volcano for particular study along with 15 others due to its destructive eruptions and close proximity to large areas of population. 

The city of Yogyakarta lies 30km to the South and the course at Merapi lies between the city and the volcano with fairways set out across its ancient lava flows. 

The layout has not been without its problems over the years. Following the eruption of mount Merapi in 2010 hole 9,10 and 17 were covered in ash. The last eruption in 2013 blanketed the adjacent countryside, including the course in ash. Lift, clean and place—or, better yet, just run for it!

Source: An aerial view shows the damage from an eruption: www.golfdigest.com

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