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World’s Highest Golf Course – Bucket List Golf

The world’s highest golf course is definitely one for the golfing bucket list as long as you don’t have a fear of heights! 

The golf course that holds this title is located at 13,025ft (3,970m) above sea level and is named after a species of long-haired domesticated cattle found in the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent.

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The Yak Golf Course

The Yak Golf Course

The highest golf course in the world is the Yak Golf Course which is located in Kupup, East Sikkim in India. It was measured on the 10th of October 2006 at 3,970m above sea level and added to the Guinness World Book of Records.

The Yak Golf Course is surrounded by the Himalayas with amazing views of the lush greenery and flowing streams. The golf course is part of an Indian army base and is 6026 yards long.

Yaks At The Course

It is a common sighting to see a yak on the golf course. The senior members at the course take the help of yaks to move around the massive area. This is definitely a next level experience for the bucket list instead of a golf cart.

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Yaks at the golf course

History Of The Course

The course was established in 1972 and re-designed by Brigadier JM Singh in 1979. Later the course was completed into an 18-hole golf course by Brigadier and TK Murali.

The Yak Golf Course hosted its first tournament in 1979 known as the Saragarhi Cup, followed by the popular Kalimpong Cup in 1988.

The Yak Golf Course is affiliated to the Indian Golf Union (IGU) and is managed by the Indian Army.

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The world’s highest golf course

When To Play The World’s Highest Golf Course

The best time to experience and play the Yak Golf Course would be during the period of May to December when it is open to the public on all days of the week. 

This isn’t always the case because of it being at a high altitude which means that the course is covered by snow from January to April. The course actually transforms into a ski resort during this period as well as a ice-hockey field due the perfect setup with the ice on top of a golf course.

This definitely makes for a unique experience and should definitely be on your golfing bucket list!

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Add The Yak Golf Course to your bucket list and let’s get you onto the highest golf course in the world


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