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Famous Golf Bunkers – Bucket List Golf (Part 1)

Here are some famous golf bunkers from around the world (Part 1)!

Road Bunker At St. Andrews

This bunker comes from possibly the most iconic hole in all of golf. The hole and bunker are named after the road that runs behind the green but the bunker plays a massive role on this hole. The bunker is deep and difficult to escape therefore golfers would rather aim right off the tee to avoid this dreaded bunker.

Source: Have Stix Will Travel

Church Pews At Oakmont Country Club

This bunker is iconic in the world of golf. There was originally 8 bunkers between the 3rd and 4th hole but they were joined into one in the 1920s. The bunker is now over 100 yards in length and ranges from about 18 to 43 yards wide.

Source: The Sporting Blog

Bunker In The Green At Riviera Country Club

The 6th green at Riviera is very unusual. The small pot bunker in the center of the green is a weird sight for a golfer. Finding this hazard must be extremely frustrating but not as frustrating as having to putt over the bunker! Many pros have played wedge shots from the putting surface over the years to try and get close to the cup.

Source: PGA Tour

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