GolfPlayed Putting Competition Winners – Erinvale Golf Club – March 2024

The Unashamedly Ethical Golf Day held at Erinvale Golf Club on March 20, 2024, was a resounding success, marked by spirited competition, generous support from sponsors, and a commitment to ethical values in the sport. GolfPlayed hosted an engaging putting competition that added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Putting Competition Highlights:

One of the standout features of the day was the GolfPlayed putting competition, which saw golfers vying for a chance to win basic membership through their precision on the greens. Contestants faced the challenge of sinking a short putt to qualify for a nerve-wracking 20ft putt to win GolfPlayed Membership. The pressure was on, but three skilled golfers rose to the occasion, securing their spots as winners:

  1. Mark Jackson
  2. Steven De Vries
  3. Chris O’Carrol

Their exemplary putting skills earned them GolfPlayed basic memberships, unlocking access to premium features, community benefits, and networking opportunities within the GolfPlayed family.

GolfPlayed Basic Membership Benefits:

Basic membership with GolfPlayed opens the door to a range of exclusive perks, including:

  • Full access to the GolfPlayed app for tracking courses played.
  • Introductions to fellow members and access to exclusive community groups.
  • Free entry into the Masters fantasy golf pool with enticing prizes.
  • A 10% discount on all Puma and Cobra products.

These benefits not only enhance the golfing experience but also foster a sense of camaraderie among members, creating a vibrant community within the realm of golf.

Fantasy Golf Pool Excitement:

As part of the GolfPlayed experience, members gain access to thrilling fantasy golf pools, adding an extra layer of excitement to major events like the Masters. With enticing cash prizes up for grabs, including:

  • 1st Place: R5,000 / $250 / £200
  • 2nd Place: R2,500 / $150 / £100
  • 3rd Place: R1,500 / $100 / £75
  • 4th Place: R500 / $50 / £25

Participants immerse themselves in the thrill of competition while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members.

Lucky Draw Winner Announcement:

In addition to the putting competition, the day featured a lucky draw, adding an element of anticipation and excitement. The lucky winner of the draw was Andri Hough, who walked away with a GolfPlayed membership!


The Unashamedly Ethical Golf Day at Erinvale Golf Club was a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and ethical values within the golfing community. Through engaging activations like the GolfPlayed putting competition and generous support from sponsors, the event not only showcased exceptional talent but also underscored the importance of giving back to worthy causes. As golfers continue to embrace the GolfPlayed experience, they become part of a vibrant community united by their love for the game and a commitment to ethical principles.

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