GolfPlayed is free and you will always have the ability to host and meet other users.

If you would like requesting benefits we offer the 4 membership levels below:

How it all works...

GolfPlayed has categorized all the courses in the world into 4 Tiers.

ROUND CREDITS (rc) give you the ability to request to play at any T3, T2, T1 and T1+ courses in the world.

Depending on which membership level users chose they get allocated round credits. (See membership table below) Gold Members receive unlimited credits and can request as much as they would like.

Requesting Rounds

Requesting to play courses cost credits, Tier 3 = 1 credit, T2 = 2 credits, T1 = 4 credits and T1+ = 6

Credits get debited from your account only once the round request has been accepted by the host. 

Earning Credits

Once your credits have been completed, you will be required to upgrade your membership to make further requests, or attain additional credits in the two ways below:

1) HOSTING golfers at your home club. 

You will receive credits for each golfer in the round (as long as they are on GolfPlayed) and you will receive these credits according to your home course Tier category, 1 credit for T3, 2 for T2, 4 for T1, 6 for T1+

2) REFERRING golfers to join as paying GolfPlayed Members, 1 credit for Green, 2 credits for Silver, 3 credits for Gold, 4 for Gold+

Membership pricing table below:

*Only paid members can request to play courses and make use of their credits.

In the situation where free users host GolfPlayed Members, they will receive rc's
depending on what tier their home course is categorized. They would still need to become at least a green member in order to redeem these credits, however they may request to play courses up to the Tier of their home club.

Request to play at any course in the world.


Are the lifetime memberships transferrable?

Yes, there are only 100 available and owners will receive a certificate of ownership that can be transferred once a year.

Do I need to be a member of a private club to join?

No, you don't need to be a member at any club.

What courses are currently available by tier?

Here is a full list of all the courses where we have at least 1 member - CLICK HERE

We don’t have them categorized by tier yet, however Gold Members will be able to request all courses

If I refer a friend will I get credit?

No, you only get the credit when they become a paying member.

How much does normal gold membership cost?

Normal gold plus membership costs $499 per year (You will make your money back in 2 years).

View All Rates: CLICK HERE

Can I join GolfPlayed for free?

Yes, only when you make a request do you need to pay.

Will I have to pay the guest fee when I play a course?

That is totally up to the host, as they can choose to pick up the green fee or pass it onto the requester. But 90% of the time you can expect to pay the guest green fee. Being a Lifetime Gold Member your likelihood would be higher and depending on what course you belong to would also make a difference.

Am I able to bring a guest to play with me?
All members can bring up to 2 guests, making 3 in total. The host will receive Round Credits for each guest that he/she hosts so your guests would need to be GolfPlayed Users. 

Lifetime Gold Members have the privilege of inviting free GolfPlayed Users as guests, other membership tiers would require fellow guests to be paying GolfPlayed Members
Can GolfPlayed guarantee access to exclusive Tier 1 courses?

We can not guarantee successful requests, however we will do our best to ensure high request acceptance. This is why hosts are incentivized by receiving Round Credits for each guest they host. T1 courses will only be available to Gold or Black GolfPlayed Members.

Is the $1000 lifetime membership fee a one time fee for life?

100% Correct, that is what makes this membership so valuable. You will receive a certificate of ownership and this will be fully transferable and will only increase in value

Are you a member at a T1 or T1+ golf course?

Blue membership could be for you.... CLICK HERE

Interested in equity in GolfPlayed?

Black membership is our most exclusive membership ... CLICK HERE